Build it up with some teasing

Build it up with some teasing

My job doesn’t allow me to constantly be on the phone. But if it did, I would dedicate most of my day to sexting my partner. It would act as foreplay so that when I got home he would be really excited. Even on days when I am too tired to do anything but go to sleep, it wouldn’t matter, because at some point we will act on all those things we texted. The point of the texts is communication and communicating my desires to him and his to me.


Technology is also a great way of disclosing kinks that you may feel self-conscious about discussing face to face. My partner and I often watch programmes together, and the next day I will often message him and ask his perspective on the intimacy scene. Would he like to try that? The only way to find out is by asking.


It’s such a great way to open communication around kinks. Especially when we are constantly being shamed by society for liking anything different from the heterosexual normative, like a missionary position (although I am quite a fan of that - I just don’t limit myself to that position!).


I love receiving messages from my partner because it makes me feel connected to him. And I like sharing all aspects of our lives together. Just because you build up some heat during the day doesn’t mean you have to act on it that same day. You’re planting the seeds for a night of passion when you’re both in tune for it, and that’s what matters

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