Buying a present for your partner with a vulva

Buying a present for your partner with a vulva

We’ve all been there. You know what you want to get but when you go to look you’re overwhelmed with the choices. From different functions, sizes and prices. We are trying to make things simple, so we have put together a small selection of items to suit all budgets and they all do different things

So let’s try and break this down into what you want to get for your girlfriend. Let’s look at the options.

I’ll start off with The Gwen, it’s a lovely small but powerful toy. It’s waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower, it’s silky smooth and is bendy. When I first got this out of the box it went straight onto charge. It’s comfortable to hold and if you were to use this on your partner you’d be able to get a good angle of contact. With all external stimulators you don’t have to go straight to the clit, use it around the nipples and any other areas you think it might cause a quiver.

Remember the biggest sexual organ is the skin, The Doxy Die Cast 3 Wand is great for the whole body, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The offering of a massage with it, moving around the whole body, lower, lower and on to the clit it goes. The head is a great size for working around this area and what a lovely thing to be able to do for them. Probably not the best toy to start off with if you know they haven’t played with toys before.

Moving on to suction toys, we have two suggestions for you here the Satisfyer Curvy 2 and the Lelo SONA Cruise are both amazing suction toys.  When you put this toy on to their clit just watch your partners eyes light up, so if you use this on her you can 100% say you were responsible for her first earth shattering orgasm.

Something a bit different is the Lelo Hula Beads. The lower bead of the Hula vibrates to give vaginal stimulation, while the upper bead rotates to give the g-spot a nice massage. It comes with a remote control so you can be in control of how much she gets to enjoy it. 

 Now this is a fun one, The Dame Eve II sits under the labia and it tucks in nicely on top of the clitoris. It is a couples toy but she will get all the fun out of this one. It vibrates on the clit and the idea is that you penetrate her with a penis or a strap on whilst it’s in this position. This will pretty much guarantee an orgasm whilst having penetrative sex, a real win for both of you.

 Every one loves an egg and this one will definitely be added to the list of how you like your eggs in the morning! The Fifty Shades Freed I’ve Got You vibrating egg is a really nice present where you can have a little bit of fun as well. The remote control puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to dishing out pleasure. Take them out for dinner and get them to pop the egg in. Maybe turn it up just as she is ordering. 

 What ever toy you choose to buy I would highly recommend getting a water based lube at the same time. Our Glide is an excellent choice.

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