Do you wonder about AI intelligence?

Do you wonder about AI intelligence?

I’m sure most of us have watched some sort of science-fiction movie featuring robots. The one that springs to mind for me is ‘Humans’. In this instance, they had actual humans playing the role of robots. But I do wonder, how long before this kind of sentient robot is a reality?

Now let’s look at sex dolls. I recently watched a documentary about them and as well as sex, they are also used for company. The man in the documentary had conversations with his doll and treated them like they were his partner. In the solitude of today’s society, it actually brings me comfort that a lonely person can use technology to find happiness and companionship. But it does remind me of the ‘Black Mirror’ episode where a woman has a synthetic re-creation of her deceased partner which ultimately helps her mourning process.

Now the sex dolls I’m talking about are exactly that, dolls. They don’t move or speak… yet. In the very near future, we can expect them to get more advanced. How would you feel if an AI robot asked you to sit down so they could massage your shoulders? Sign me up! The thought of having massages on tap is a real winner! I can imagine myself getting comfortable with my massaging robot pretty quickly. Which has got me thinking, what’s the difference between a vibrator and an ‘advanced vibrator’ (my robot) making me climax?

The sex toy industry is always advancing and toys are getting bigger and better. So, is this the solution? A sex toy that responds to your micro-movements, can track your heartbeat and has a true understanding of what you want? You can see the advantages… If their tongue caresses your genitals, you can really clamp them into a thigh hold, as they won’t need to breathe! Also, for the penis or strap on owner, you’ve got a selection of holes to choose from.

 If this has got anyone thinking about the possibilities, here are some articles about what we can expect from sex robots in the future. Sex obviously… but I think you’ll be surprised at all the extras!

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