Have you ever thought about trying new materials?

Have you ever thought about trying new materials?

Let’s be honest, the familiar ground always feels like a good idea. 

 I get it; you know what you want and don’t want to spoil it by trying something new. Or, you every time you try something new, it doesn’t quite do it for you. So deflating! I actually experience this every time I go to Pizza Express. I love the Pollo de Astra on the Romana base (every time I dine there; I order this). I browse the menu in great detail and decide today is the day I’ll order something different. Then the server comes over and the harmonic tone of my voice says, “can I have the Pollo de Astra on the Romana base, please”.


But we’re not talking about food, we’re talking about creating a box of items that will come together and feed your soul whilst releasing the Kraken within. When you start looking for something different, it can be overwhelming. I know that too many choices make me shut down. Which is why I’m stuck in a food relationship with a Pollo de Astra for all eternity!


To make it easier, let's take a look at your choices of materials, with nice, simple descriptions:  



Everyone should own at least one glass piece in their collection. There are some amazing designs that tick the boxes for several pleasure centres. Alongside the smooth, sleek design of the Glas Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo, you could also try the textured design of a Glas Full Tip Textured Glass Dildo. You can even store it in the fridge for a chilled experience.


Sound a bit cold? How do you think it would feel on a hot and sticky night when you’re struggling to sleep? Your partner heads downstairs and gets your Glas Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo out of the fridge, and an ice cube out of the freezer. They rub your nipple with the ice cube whilst running the icy cold dildo down past your belly button. Sorry got a bit carried away there… you get my drift.



We refer to these as massage wands, and they are perfect for a bit of stimulation in all the right areas. As well as being able to pick the right wand just for you, you can also benefit from the healing vibrations emitted from the crystal. Slather your partner in oil and use Massage stick - Cinnabarite to massage them. You cannot fully sterilise a stone because of its porous nature, so we don’t recommend insertion. 



I know what you’re thinking… splinters! No, no, no! It’s not that kind of wood. This is a chunky, well-polished, smooth piece of wood. Having been a living plant, it retains a special energy. It’s the sort of vibrations you can only get from having a piece of Mother Earth inside you. These beautifully carved pieces are an extra special addition to your collection.



The most popular sex toy material out there! And it’s easy to see why. The smooth nature of the finish makes for an excellent item to hold. Simply add lubrication for a game-changing experience in smooth gliding pleasure. Just check out The Gwen, which is a great example of this.


Realistic feel

Now, if I describe this as the slightly tacky material that everything sticks to, you’d probably know what I’m talking about. Prowler Dildo With Suction Base Dong and Balls Flesh 8in is a great example of this. Although this material might not be your first choice, once it’s covered in lube, it gives you a unique experience compared to the more popular silicone.



Another excellent material for toys, the bendable nature of the product combines perfectly with its firmness. Our Me You Us Mini Double Dong Pink is a great example of a jelly product. Once again, it does have a bit of a sticky surface, but when it’s lubed up, it’s not a problem.



Oh Yes! Using the strength of metal in the right, gentle way is exhilarating. Another item you can cool down or heat up. The Doxy Butt Plug is perfect after it’s been placed in warm water to take off the chill. With a newly warmed metal butt plug in your possession, I’m sure you could think of a few things to do with it. Just remember to tease a little with it first.

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