The benefits of morning rituals

The benefits of morning rituals

Think about what happens from the moment you wake up: the alarm rings, children rush in to see you, and you are ON! Making breakfast, washing up from last night, feeding pets, showering and getting ready for the day, looking for the clothes in the ironing pile, chasing everyone around the house... the list is endless! So, apart from some phone/social media time, what have you actually done for yourself?

Because that’s the issue, looking after what everyone else is doing is not “me time”. Taking the time to recenter and refocus yourself is an extraordinary thing to do. I’ve just started to read a book called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. It’s all about how we form habits. The book suggests that we try and get 1% better every time we do something. Over time this adds up to a much bigger number.

 I think that this is exactly how we should build up a wellness routine. No one is expecting you to start getting up at 5 am to do some yoga and meditate to the sound of Tibetan singing bowls. Although that does sound fabulous doesn’t it?! So, that leaves me wondering… if there was one thing you could add to your morning routine, what would it be? Would it be giving some gratitude to the universe? Would it be giving compliments to family or partner? A lovely way to spend a day, I might add.

My favourite thing to do is use my mantra beads. I repeat my mantra 108 times to help me get into contact with my higher self. There are 108 beads on a string so it’s easy to complete. It also stops me from cutting my “me time” short. And the best present you can give yourself? A session of pure pleasure

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