The Importance Of Hygiene

The Importance Of Hygiene

Lets talk about keeping things clean and why oh why this is of the upmost importance!  If like me you have or had a partner that is in to the sniffing of the used toys then can I start by saying because hygiene with toys is so important you may need to purchase some lower priced toys or disposable toys for this particular need! I like the Satisfyer one night stand and the Me, You and Us anal beads to gift to my special friend who likes my unique aroma, for Birthdays I go a bit higher end and send a Flesh Jackboys dildo! 

Okay now we have all admitted we have a special someone who likes sniffing our juices off of toys, lets discuss getting rid of those juices! 
So why is important to clean our toys? Quick answer it is dangerous!! Well you see, it not that your internal fluids are dangerous outright, but if left untouched it can lead to bacteria growth. Residual vaginal or seminal fluids, or even saliva are full of bacteria, which starts a breeding ground. This is especially true of toys that primarily are inserted anally - toys like butt plugs and anal beads.

Also you totally have to consider where you are putting things during your session! Keeping the rectum juice germs away from vulvas and vaginas, as they can cause vaginal infections and UTIs, is a good idea. So that would mean not going from rectum to vulva/vagina full stop. This is where it’s handy to have lots of toys! I have a chest full some date back to 1998! Maybe I shouldn’t admit that?  I also like to store mine in clean recycled plastic boxes this way if I haven’t got time before use to clean because I have the burning desire to masturbate, I know it has been cleaned and stored in a clean box so the chances of getting an infection are slim.

One of my friends stores their toys in a sealed ziplock bag? I know, hilarious but surely they deserve snaps for effort! Because we should at least be trying to keep them in some sort of pouch to keep the germs from making their way all over your lovely clean toys! You should also make sure that your sex toys are in an environment that is relatively less humid, in a cool dry place. If your vibrating toys have removable batteries, taking them out between uses keeps the batteries from corroding and ruining your toy. This happened to me once with a toy I won in a nightclub in Blackpool, I was really sad. Of course when society starts to accept that people masturbate and use sex toys in their everyday life, you can keep them out on your night stand, pride of place or have a sex toy shrine with backlighting!

I have just really got carried away with myself there so lets talk cleaning again. It is recommended to wash your toy before and after each use. Toys should be cleaned thoroughly with mild soap and hot water after you take it out of the packaging, they will probably have had dust or bacteria collect on them, even if brand new.

Check to see how waterproof your toy is, you don’t want to risk breaking your toy with water. Use unscented antibacterial soap or toy cleaner when cleaning them to avoid problems such as yeast infections, remember the body will absorb everything you put in it/on it. I love the Dame Toy Cleaner and the Lelo Toy Cleaner. 

Only wash the outside of your sex toys, if a toys waterproof this doesn’t include the internal components of the device.  Although many sex toys are waterproof, you still need to make sure batteries are sealed off before submerging them in water. In fact and tiny gap will let water seep in destroying your toy....disaster!

Once you have washed your toys of wonder let them air dry on a clean surface, rubbing it down with a towel can leave fibres that will lead to irritation. Obviously you can avoid mould and mildew by making sure your toy is totally dry before you put it away. Rechargeable sex toys must be completely dry before attempting to recharge them.
This is such an unsexy blog! Just saying! To make it even worse lets discuss porous toys as they have a whole different way of being dealt with!  Now they  should also be washed with soap and water. However, it’s really best to use porous toys with condoms — whether or not you’re sharing them. jelly, latex, rubber,  realistic-skin material, CyberSkin and other realistic “skin”-like materials SoftSkin, silicone blends, jelly-rubber, PVC, vinyl, other rubbery plastics or a natural material such as stone.
Porous toys tend to be some of the least expensive, so they’re appealing to shoppers on a budget. The best thing to do here is but a condom on it if you want to insert it, because you’re just not going to get 100% of the bacteria’s out of it. When you do wash up them they can be lightly powdered with cornstarch after washing to keep them from getting sticky, but be sure to wash the cornstarch off before the next use.
If it’s 100 percent medical grade silicone, 100% stainless steel, or Pyrex (borosilicate glass) it can also be boiled for 10 minutes or placed in the dishwasher for extra disinfecting (do not boil plastics, silicone blends, or non-Pyrex glass, or put them in a dishwasher). I would love to unload a dishwasher full of realistic dildos to my local conservative mens club.  Some hard plastics — that are non-absorbent, and have no nooks and crannies for germs to hide in. They’re fabulous because they’re easy to clean and disinfect.  If you’re planning on using a toy anally, it’s best to go with one you can disinfect. Never boil a motorised toy or put it in the dishwasher. If your glass toys do get chips or cracks in them, toss them. No! Not like that! Toss them in the bin!
And finally If you have a partner and you’re not in an open relationship, then the risk for sharing sex toys is relatively low. But in all other cases, you should keep sex toys for your own personal use only. There is a way around this - Condoms, if you want to share this will create a safely barrier for you and you partner. Of course most couples toys have great cleaning advice on them so you can always be safe.  Be clean, be safe and cum lots !!
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