What do you bring into the bath with you?

What do you bring into the bath with you?

Do you mind me asking? It can be a very personal quiet time, bath time. Unless you have kids, turns out with younger children in the house if you’re the only adult you have to  leave the door open to listen for fights/breakages and life threatening situations, which mainly seem to happen when parents are trying to give themselves some me time.
Luckily for you we have a lovely selection of waterproof toys for you to dip your toe into.
I’m going to start by taking you though the Lelo toys. Lelo is a high quality product and the presentation boxes they come in are beautiful. They make a great present or just make it a little extra special if buying for yourself. The Lelo Mona Wave has 10 vibrating patterns but the thing that makes it different from a standard vibrator is it rises and falls like lovers fingers. So a good one to add to the collection if you already have a vibrator. 

Next we have the Lelo Lyla 2 Design, it’s a remote controlled bullet which you lube up before insertion, lie back and take advantage of the remote control. It has a 3x wireless range and you can control the motion through gentle wrist motions, while optionally mirroring the vibrations made by the bullet. Genius. 

Which brings us nicely on to the Lelo Hula Beads, these beads rotate and vibrate giving an ultimate feeling of pleasure. Using 8 stimulation patterns take advantage of the powerful vibrations to be felt around the ultra-sensitive labia and up to the clitoris. The beads can also be worn discreetly inside.
Now a little selection of toys from a company called Dame. They are an American brand, I like their quirky designs on their packaging, it’s a female led brand and they have designed some beautiful pieces.  Let’s start with suction, the Dame Aer Suction Toy, well I think the word suction pretty much describes the actions on this one. It will suck your clit for you and  there is a very high probability it will make you squirt. Now imagine that happening whilst you are in a warm bath, surrounded by candles and petals floating around you. You. Will. Just. Melt. The Dame Eva II, I’m this would be great for sex with a partner who wants to penetrate and give their partner an orgasm at the same time. Eva is worn in the vulva, leaving your hands free, its flexible wings tuck under your labia for a snug fit. This toy is a real must have for couples whose partners don’t orgasm through penetration alone. Anyone thinking, that’s not us, my partner always orgasms, let me just tell you 75% of women do not orgasm through penetration alone. 

The Dame Arc G-spot is a lovely one to bring to the tub with you. Its squishy bulb with a clit-stimulating ridge, is a perfect friend to relax you while you soak away all your stresses.
The Gwen is from a U.K based small business called the Knude society. Is a small but power number, I was surprised at how this little thing in my hand was producing such power! It doesn’t look like a conventional sex toy, more like one of those fancy face massagers, so you could leave it on the side of the bath and tell people who ask, that’s what it is. I’m not entirely sure what you’d do if they then picked it up to try on their face, probably one of those moments you could laugh at over a glass of wine. Saying that I’d love to see a time when sex toys are left out and you can openly tell people about the amazing orgasms you have with it.
All these toys are waterproof but please do read their information on waterproof limits that they have. 

P.S don’t forget to add some of our amazing Cornish bath salt to finish off the job!
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