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Quim and Wick

Dame Aer Suction Toy

Dame Aer Suction Toy

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You've heard of a BJ…now get ready for an air job! Aer is a wild new way to get off that creates stimulating pulses of air, plus a snug seal around your clit, so you can get to the climax lickety-split. No vibrator needed.It's like cheating the wind—Aer's pressure wave tech delivers a unique thrill, even for the most experienced connoisseur. Create your own lip service with this faux-tongue fluttering and suction sensation—perfect if you need a *ssist on the oral path to pleasure-town! Get ready to go all-out, ASAP: Aer creates a cozy seal around your lady-bits to push you to the oh-so-deserved peak. Ready to take off? This bad-boy's got ya covered—118.4mm L, 37.1mm W, 49.5mm H.


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