Stimulate Your Clitoris

Stimulate Your Clitoris

Stimulating your clit is something that I highly recommend. This little beauty has so many nerve endings (over 8,000 to be precise) that make it your secret weapon for getting your rocks off. 

Clit stimulating toys can be great to use alone or with a partner. If you’re comfortable trying products with your partner and you want something to help keep you aroused through penetrative sex, then the Dame Eva II Hands-Free Vibe – Fir is made for you. The Eva is a friend to your clit; it has flexible wings that nestle under your labia for a secure, comfortable fit, and you can use it in all positions. This makes it great when you’re feeling achy, or self-conscious. I know when my stomach is really bloated and I’m having a bad self-image day; I like to be on all fours or lying flat on my stomach with my arse in the air a little. The Eva is here to please you every day, including those when you feel shitty about yourself. 

Other clitoral stimulators that I couldn’t recommend enough are the Lelo SONA Cruise Cerise and the Lelo Sila Aqua. These toys changed my life. They are like magic and if you haven’t used a suction toy before, you should start now. If you want to start with a lower-priced toy to try them out, then the Satisfyer Curvy 2 is a fantastic choice. It feels so lovely in your hand. It is silky smooth and I like a toy that offers a sensory experience as well as an orgasm. 

Gone are the days of hard plastic toys. These days we have sleek, smooth products that are so beautiful you will want to display them on your mantelpiece. These lovely products all go hand in hand with making a nice, calm, sensory experience. Feeling angry, anxious and having a low mood is all part of the lovely menopause package. So, remember that orgasms are actually great for your health and raise testosterone levels, which not only increases sex drive but creates feel-good hormones which can soothe anxiety and help us relax. Remember, if you want to try toys to help on your menopause journey, you don’t have to do it with your partner. Play alone and get comfortable with what you like and what works for you. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Some women suffer from sore feet and achy bodies, so self-care should be a priority. You’ll find lots of stunning products here that will massage those aches away. You can use the Doxy Diecast massager on your feet and then work your way up every inch of your body. This powerful personal massager really is a great investment for the menopause.

If you are experiencing aches and pains, then waterproof toys really make a difference. You can use them in the bath or in the shower, which hopefully gives you a little privacy. I recommend the Knude Society Gwen - Clitoral Vibrator. This lovely bath toy feels so beautiful and it is also very discreet. Taking time for yourself and enjoying some alone time in the bath could really help, and adding a little clit massage will benefit you enormously. The Dame Aer Suction Toy feels incredible and is also waterproof! Perfect for bath time! It also looks a bit like a facial cleanser, so you could keep it on the bathroom shelf without attracting any attention.

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