Women, are you new to self pleasure?

Women, are you new to self pleasure?

I love masturbating, and I am very comfortable talking about it. So comfortable that if someone were to ask me what I did today, I would happily tell them about a rather lengthy session with my clitoris. Of course, many people are shocked or embarrassed by this honesty. But that’s because society wants us to silence our pleasure.  

Let's face it, how many times do we hear our genitals referred to as a vagina? Even my 8-year-old son knows a vagina is the internal part of a woman's genitalia and that there are many other parts. The cultural script is to constantly shame us for our behaviour. But it’s time to rewrite society’s expectations and understanding of our genitalia. It’s time to shout out and say self-pleasure is fantastic and good for you. 

If you’re new to masturbation, then let me say this: masturbation is a form of communication. It’s a way of connecting to your body and working out what you find most pleasurable. We’re always being told to communicate with our bodies when it comes to diet culture, so why not when it comes to pleasure?

 Start connecting to your body by touching yourself differently. Take some time to touch your body when you get dressed. In the shower, take a moment to use your fingers and explore yourself. Maybe you like being touched on the left, maybe on the right. All our nerves are located differently, but there are a lot of them to discover! I suggest you buy some lube (remember our genitals are not meant to be touched when not aroused) and take time to play with it. 

Why not try a toy? Start with a lovely clitoral stimulator like the Dame Finger Vibe or the Doxy Diecast 3. If you like this, maybe experiment with a suction toy like the

Lelo Sona Cruise or the Satisfyer Curve 2. Enjoy yourself; there is no right or wrong way to masturbate as long as you are aroused and experiencing pleasure.

Try our new self-pleasure bundle and start exploring yourself today!

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