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Quim and Wick

Dame Fin Finger Vibe - Jade

Dame Fin Finger Vibe - Jade

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Fingering just leveled up with this nifty toy! About: -A finger vibrator that amps up your touch. Put on the optional tether and get effortless control.Smooth OperatorFin is simple - to operate. 

Quick to grab and quick to ditch, Fin slides in and out of the action like a professional, so you can be the star of the show.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Tether up. Tether down. Pointy end. Soft end. Nestled in your fingertips or nestled in the palm. Above or below the wrist. You can customize however you wear Fin and get the vibes and mobility you crave.

Fin works how YOU want.Turn Foreplay into MoreplayFor people with vulvas, clitoral stimulation + closeness is essential for pleasure.

Fin feels like an extension of your hand, so no problem using it before, during or after sex.

Length 76.2mm, width 38.1mm, height 44.5mm.


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