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Quim and Wick

Blue Calcite Wand

Blue Calcite Wand

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This Blue Calcite Wand is your go-to when your emotions are running wild! Powerful and soothing, it brings balance to your mental and etheric bodies. It's like a filter, absorbing all incoming energy and transmuting it into a higher vibration. Plus, it's a beautiful addition to any crystal collection! With its unique shape, it's sure to grant you all the calming vibes you need! 

The crystal shown is the actual crystal you will receive. Crystals can have imperfections, as they are a natural product. 22cm x 12cm Approx 


  • Can help if suffer anxiety or depression 
  • Calms the mind
  • Opens up a stronger connection between your thoughts and feelings.
  • Stimulates your creative energy 
  • Can strengthen you dreams
  • Unlock your throat chakra. (Do not put it down your throat)
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