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Quim and Wick

Peace Junkies 4oz Soy Candle

Peace Junkies 4oz Soy Candle

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Try our beautifully U.K. made candle’s from a small women owned business.

Pick the scent that fits in with your vibrational energies, take the time to enjoy the can with some affirmations and meditation.

Once the candles are used up, you can clean off the crystals and keep them. 

Personally, Put one in each room of your house for a little energy boost and to always remember to lead with love 

Information - 


• For optimal burning, trim your wick to 5-6mm before each lighting to avoid smoking and overheating.

•Always protect the surface on which the candle sits.

•Refrain from burning candles longer than 1 hour at a time, and never burn a candle when there is less than 8mm of wax at the base.

•Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of drafts, pets, or small children.

•The candle jar will be hot after burning, so allow the wax to cool completely before handling

•Once the flame is extinguished make sure the wick is upright and centred.

•Extinguish the flame carefully by snuffing it rather than blowing on it.

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