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Puissante Coco

Puissante Coco

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Bend it in half for a double whammy of vibrations or keep it straight using one end at a time.


Coco is designed for internal and/or external stimulation, thanks to two separate buttons, with its suction part, it stimulates the clitoris. The vibration mode and its malleable centre enable it to bend optionally for penetration.

There is 7 intensity modes and 3 random modes, which can be set separately for the 2 different sections. The vibration and suction are two independent functions. You can fold your Coco for double stimulation, or choose not to, each button is for activating the two modes separately, so you can set the intensity levels of each to your liking 

Coco is rechargeable by USB cable. There are two pins on the top and the charger sticks to them by magnets and the cable is included in your order? Charge it 1 hour for 2 hours of battery

The Coco is made of medical-grade silicone because it is a material that is kind to the mucosa of the vagina and vulva. It is also made of ABS plastic (inside), which makes your vibrator more durable  The quality of these materials is excellent and they don't contain any allergens.

Coco is waterproof and suits any of your waterproof shenanigans. 

Coco makes a little noise because it has a small motor 

Compared to other vibrators of the type on the market it is very quiet though.

Coco adapts to anything you're looking for and helps you explore and (re)discover your body tanks to its multiple features. It has a clitoral stimulator and vibration, so it's powerful enough to adapt to all your desires and preferences  It is made so you can enjoy taking some time out to explore yourself.

You need to keep your vibrator clean and hygienic to enjoy yourself safely. 

Coco is made of silicone; you can simply clean it with water and a little anti-bacterial soap with a neutral pH (using an intimate soap for example). Make sure you rinse it well and then let it air dry.

Suction is a commonly used term, but your toy doesn't really suck! This part of the membrane vibrates in such a way that it pulsates the air and creates a sucking effect. 

Lift the hood of your clitoris to feel the stimulator more and discover the technology which works pretty impressively on this part of you. 

The Coco's suction stimulator is not coupled with vibration, so your clitoris will be fine. 

The Coco is intended for use by women, but it can be used as a couple!

Whether you're spooning, doing it doggy style or simply missionary, it is a stimulator that adapts to each of your positions!

Men can also enjoy it by stimulating the glans and frenulum of the penis for example. 

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