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Puissante Topie

Puissante Topie

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This brilliant little number will bring a whole new angle on the spinning top. Easy to hold and manoeuvre over the whole body. Don’t just keep the vibes to the usual areas.

The Topie has 10 different intensities, for all sensitivities!
Two buttons, one plus, one minus to increase or decrease the vibration intensity.

Press 3 seconds on the + to turn it on, 3 seconds on the - to turn it off.

 For use on all parts of the body.

Made of medical silicone for extreme softness and thick for super soft touch!

 2 year warranty

The Toupie allows external stimulation of the glans of the clitoris, the labia or the whole body, your choice!

Thanks to the vibration and its ergonomics, you will be able to perfectly target the glans of the clitoris.

The Toupie varies the pleasures thanks to its 10 intensity modes for all sensitivities!

There are two buttons, a + and a -.

To turn the spinning top on, press the + for 3 seconds.

To turn it off, press the - for 3 seconds.

To vary the intensities, press the + and - buttons according to your desires!

We have chosen medical silicone to manufacture the Toupie because it is a material designed to respect the mucous membranes. It is also made of ABS plastic (inside), which offers good resistance to your vibrator. 

The quality of these materials is excellent and they do not contain allergens.

The Toupie is waterproof 

The Toupie makes a little noise as it has a small motor 

Compared to other vibrators of the type on the market it is very quiet!

The Toupie adapts to your desires and will allow you to know and (re)discover your body.

For a first purchase it's a good choice, it all depends on the type of stimulation you prefer.

Hygiene of your vibrator is essential to continue pleasuring yourself safely. 

The Spinning Top is made of silicone; you can simply clean it with water and a little bit of pH-neutral anti-bacterial soap (with an intimate soap for example). Make sure you rinse it well and then let it air dry.

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